My Story

Hi, this is Tariqul. Welcome to my story

Since the beginning of my journey as a freelance developer nearly 10 years ago, I’ve done remote work for agencies, startups, and collaborated with talented people to create digital products for both business and consumer use.

My focus is always on the results/outcomes instead of the services I provide. I believe every business spends for the result, not for the products or services. I always remind myself that the best way to win is to make my clients the winner. So all the deals I make is win-win for both parties, otherwise no deal.

How did I start? Why do I do what I do?

It started 12 years ago when I was 15 years old. I can still remember the day I first write my own computer program. I was so amazed by the power of programming that I took a decision on that day “I am going to be a programmer”. After two years of learning all the programming basics, I started to work on Upwork (previously oDesk).

Because of the expertise and quality of my work soon I became one of the top freelancers. Later I joined and and soon started to get lots of work that I can’t even handle. Those days were very exciting for me.

The sad news is that the good time didn’t last very long. A few days later Upwork suspended my account as I didn’t meet the minimum age requirement to join the site which was 18 years. The same thing happened for the other two freelancing sites as well. I lost the remaining two accounts due to contacting the clients directly (which was actually prohibited). It wasn’t totally my fault. The clients used to ask my personal contact info.

I was so hopeless that I decided not to work online again. I started to search for local jobs. Fortunately, I used to get local jobs very easily. I worked for another 6 years in different local companies where I learned some of the great and amazing things which I couldn’t learn if I worked alone.

Then one day I realized that I should go back online again. Because the amount of experience and ability I have is very rear and I can serve much more people with my knowledge. In 2016 I came back online again. Besides my full-time job, I started to work for different small businesses remotely. This time I didn’t join any freelancing sites but opened my own website.

When I started working online again my main focus was to help the client no matter what I get in return. The other goal was to keep the price affordable keeping the quality best.

And soon things started to change again. I got my golden days back again. Now it’s a common sentence every day I hear from my clients “Tariqul, you are the best!

What I do?

Web Design

From single landing page to fully-blown eCommerce store, I can create a design that fits perfectly with you and your business.

Web Development

An off the shelf theme might be ok when you’re first starting out, but you need something bespoke and tailored to your needs.


Selling your product should be the bit you focus on, not managing the website. You can have a custom solution that does all the heavy lifting for you.

WordPress Custom Development

There are always some unique needs for business so custom requirements comes in. From design to development everywhere I provide service for custom requirements.

Software Development

I develop small to medium web application based on business need. I usually use Codeigniter and Laravel as my development framework.

API Development and integration

I integrate different API which includes Payment, social media, maps etc. I also develop custom API for mobile application using JSON web service.

Installation, Migration, optimization

Installation service for any kind of web application or CMS, Migration from one hosting to another hosting, site’s loading time optimization.

Backup & Maintenance

My backup & maintenance is to ensure that none of your important data is lost and your site is updated so that you don’t need to worry and focus on your business.

Basic SEO

Once a website is developed the important thing becomes is the SEO. I make sure that everything on your website meets the best SEO practice in the industry.

Things I am good at


I realize the importance of good communication. I use tools like Slack to make sure we’re always on the same page.


I believe it’s important to stay organised while working remotely. I use the likes of Trello & Basecamp to help keep projects on-track and under control.

Time Keeping

I value my clients’ time and always aim to work efficiently. I account for and track everything I do using services such as Toggl.

Project Management

I think it’s important to identify the discrete stages of a project and work to a schedule around those.


I play well with others. I’m happy to integrate into your existing team to help get your project implemented.


I have a great understanding in computer science and recognize the importance of applying proper software development techniques to the web.


While I’m not a graphic designer, I have an eye for good design. I’m comfortable using Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketch and can take designs from mock-up to implementation.


Often overlooked, I think it’s incredibly important to leave clients with a clear picture of what’s been done for the next round of development.

Customer support

I know it’s very painful when the after-sales service is horrible. I understand this and I always make sure that my clients get the best support from me whenever they need it.

Technical Skills

Language / Database

PHP (Expert)




MySQL (Expert)

CMS / Framework

WordPress (Expert)

Laravel (Expert)

Library / Technology

jQuery (Expert)

Ajax (Expert)


React JS


Tools / Software