9 Common Easy to Avoid SEO Mistakes in Small Businesses

  • August 22, 2019
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Never Fall Into The Trap Of Doing These SEO Mistakes!

As a small business owner, you must acknowledge the complexity of the marketplace that you’re swimming in. Indeed, launching and sustaining a successful business is tougher than it seems. This is true especially today, a time in which most webmasters, brands, or marketers are trying to get “a piece from that apple”. In our case, the apple is the web traffic, and the more SEO mistakes you avoid the more successful your small business will become.

If you want to promote your business today, you should directly point your attention towards the online environment. Online promotion, which consists of a variety of traffic generation techniques, can (and should) be used by every business owner, without exception.

SEO marketing is probably the most effective strategy to generate massive amounts of traffic to your website. If you’ve already started to work on your search engine optimization, that’s great! If you haven’t, please consider it as soon as possible because it does take time.

Nevertheless, there are many SEO mistakes that you can commit whilst first starting. To improve your site’s traffic and boost your campaign ROI (return on investment), you must ensure that you’re not committing these:

9 Common Easy-to-Avoid SEO Mistakes

1. Having a Too General Audience

A proper online promotion campaign will always focus on a properly defined audience. The internet is quite big, and it has a general use. Therefore, in order to reach the right people, you must define your business target audience in a specific way and not a general one. Here’s an exercise provided by Hannah Johnson, an SEO specialist at:

Start imagining your “ideal customer”. Use your imagination along with the following questions:

  • Is it a he or she?
  • Where does he/she live?
  • Education level
  • Financial circumstances
  • What does your ideal customer need or want?
  • What are his/her biggest problems?

target customer

Keep asking yourself questions until you characterize the ideal customer perfectly. When you have this imaginary target persona, you are ready to attract quality, targeted traffic to your website.”

2. Wrong Keyword Use

Keywords were, are, and always will be an important SEO aspect. Google’s crawlers are quickly analyzing your small business site in order to understand the purpose of your content.

Many small business owners fail to use the proper keywords, so they rank for different keywords and key phrases that do not lead to any profitable results. This happens because people skip the keyword research process which is crucial to any strategy if you want to avoid SEO mistakes.

We suggest using Google Keyword Planner in Google Ads to help with keyword research for your site.

3. Poor On-Site SEO Optimization

There are two types of SEO optimization: On-Site and Off-Site. Quite a lot of small business owners focus on the latter one but fail to optimize for the first.

When you create a page, you must properly optimize the title and the meta description tags. These are the snippets of information you see when you perform a search for something.

meta description

Moreover, the meta keywords and your content headings are important aspects of your on-site optimization process as well. Simply put, on-site optimization is essential because it allows the search engines to understand what your site and content want to achieve.

4. No Mobile Optimization

We’re living in the “mobile era”, a time where people are using their mobile phones more than their PCs. Google has clearly stated that mobile SEO is a serious ranking factor that can no longer be neglected.

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In order to rank in the SERPs, mobile optimization is a must. Some small business owners might not have a clue how to achieve that, but that isn’t a problem. There are many tutorials online and with a little effort and consistency, your website will move to the next level. You could also enlist the help of a digital marketing agency to get you started.

5. The Absence of High-Quality Content

Content is king today. You might have heard this statement before, and you should know that it is true. Content allows you to differentiate your business from the rest. It helps you position your brand in the marketplace and define your value proposition.

But really, what’s the connection between content and SEO? Think of it like this – content may be the king, but you can’t have the throne unless your “king” is of great quality. Make sense? Your content should be worthy enough for the crawlers. And you can do that by avoiding the two: scraped content and thin content.

Scraped content, obviously, is a copycat from another source, or in other words, it was plagiarized. On the other hand, thin content means it has little to no value at all. Duplicate pages and doorway pages are some examples of this.

Quality content can include blog posts, video tutorials, informational checklists, interactive quizzes and calculators, and much more. The more content you can provide to a consumer, the more they will want to follow your brand and visit your site. Consumers want answers and search engines want websites with SEO. Put the two together, and you’re on your way to success.

From an SEO standpoint, developing and promoting content that delivers value and creates an impact on your readers is absolutely necessary if you want to achieve high rankings.

6. Poor Social Media Presence

How well and how often are you promoting your business through social media? Do you have a strategy in place?

Well, as a small business owner who wishes to rank up his/her website in the SERPs, you should be aware of the fact that a successful social media marketing strategy helps overcome common SEO mistakes.

That’s because Google, Bing, Yahoo, and all other search engines analyze the way people interact with your brand on social channels. The stronger social engagement you get the more SEO benefits your business receives.

7. Presenting Various Site Errors

Google will punish all webmasters that are not careful. As a website owner, being careful means ensuring that your users do not encounter any errors on your site.

google 404 error

Broken, misleading, or harmful links will destroy your reputation and provoke a decrease in rankings. To avoid such unfortunate events, you should regularly pay attention to your website’s health by using different SEO mistakes checker tools.

8. Slow Loading Pages

Does your website load fast? If so, how fast? Please pay attention to this because website speed matters more than you think. It is an important part of Google’s ranking algorithm for quite a while now, so the faster your pages load the better signals Google receives.

Moreover, a fast-loading speed site will improve the experience of the users who enter it. This will have a great impact on your bounce rates and conversion rates.

9. No Analyzing. No Optimizing. No Scaling.

The difference between great small businesses and mediocre ones lies in their ability to work smart. Indeed, working smart will give you many business advantages and will help you overrule the competition.

In order to understand whether your SEO optimization pays off, you need to consistently analyze and measure your campaign’s performance. Then, once you’ve received feedback, you should see the SEO mistakes in your strategy and think of better solutions to implement. Lastly, implement the changes and observe the results again.

When you notice that what you’re doing has a positive effect on your ranking performance, you should focus on that thing and scale it as much as you can. Without analyzing, optimizing, and scaling, your SEO strategy becomes random and unpredictable.


If you really expect to take your game to the next level, you must understand what is SEO and how it works. Furthermore, you have to acknowledge the common SEO mistakes that you’re currently doing, fix them, and implement new solutions afterward. Do yourself a big favor and start correcting the aspects that hurt your rankings daily, or contact us and we can talk about your SEO strategy.

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