5 Dentist Marketing Content Ideas That Will Make Your Patients Smile

  • April 1, 2021
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Attract More Patients With These Dentist Content Marketing Ideas!

If you’re a dentist, you may find it difficult at times to produce content that draws the attention of new patients to your business.

Especially when 36% of the population struggles with dental anxiety and 12% of the population struggles with extreme dental fear.

This leads to poor dental attendance and poor oral health.

And as dentists, we know that it is your mission to combat these issues.

So how do you produce content that is engaging for your current patients while making potential patients feel more comfortable coming to your practice?

Read on because these 5 tips are sure to do just that!

Today, we’ll be sharing with you 5 dentist marketing content ideas that will make your patients smile.

What Is Content Marketing?

Let’s start by quickly answering the question, what is content marketing?

Content marketing is the process of creating, publishing and distributing content for a targeted audience online.

In your case, this audience will consist of your current and potential patients.

The best content will be engaging for this audience and will help build trust in your brand.

5 Dentist Content Marketing Ideas To Reach & Entice More Patients

  1. Office Tour
  2. Challenges, Contests, and Raffles
  3. Featured Patient/Team Member of the Month
  4. Live Video
  5. Create Content That Provides Value

1. Office Tour

So, one of the content marketing ideas we have for dentists is an office tour.

A great place to start building trust with those that struggle with dental anxiety is by creating a video to showcase your dental office.

This also works well with attracting any potential patients.

An office tour can be helpful for many reasons.

For starters, video is known to be a very engaging means of connecting with your audience.

If you include this office tour video on your website, statistics show that you can expect:

  • a 157% increase in organic search traffic, and
  • that your website is 53 times more likely to reach the 1st page of results on Google

These statistics alone might make you run and go grab your camera but there are even more benefits to making an office tour video.

Remember those people that we mentioned that are afraid of going to the dentist?

An office tour video can be a great way of making them feel more comfortable.

dentist marketing

By providing that audience with visuals of exactly what they will see upon entering your office…

…they can get comfortable with their surroundings without even walking through your doors.

An office tour video is also a great way of showcasing your friendly, helpful staff so be sure to include them in your video.

Are you curious about other ways your dental office can use video to boost engagement and help more people feel comfortable coming to the dentist?

Well, read on because we have another tip on using video later in this post.

2. Challenges, Contests, and Raffles

Challenges are a great way of engaging with your patients, even when they are not scheduled to come into the office for quite some time.

As a dentist, you can accomplish two things with challenges.

For one, you can fulfill your goal to help people with oral hygiene by running challenges that encourage healthy habits.

An example of this could be a 30-day floss challenge where participants have to floss at least once a day for 30 days straight.

And for the younger demographics, the challenge could be to floss while flossing.

dentist marketing

The other benefit of challenges is building engagement for your dental office.

You can create social media hashtags for the challenge.

This is so participants can interact with your office throughout the duration of the challenge.

But that’s not all.

Once participants get active with the challenge, they will share it with their friends and family which will help more people discover your practice.

You can start by having your staff spread awareness for the challenge on their own personal pages to help get the ball rolling.

To help the challenge reach its maximum potential, there are two things that you must do.

For starters, offer a reward for completing the challenge.

By offering a reward, you are giving the challenge value and thus, encouraging more people to take part in it.

Second, make the engagement a part of the challenge.

What we mean by this is in order to win the prize at the end of the challenge, make sure each user is posting once a week or however often you decide.

And also, require using the hashtag that was created for the competition.

Challenges are usually used to increase followers, engagement, and build brand awareness.

But you can adjust the contest to meet any goal you may have.

If acquiring new patients is a direct goal you want to achieve from the contest, then you can include being a patient as a requirement to enter the contest.

You might be wondering, how will that build engagement if only people in the office know about it?

Well, you’ll have to post about current competitions and raffles on your social media profiles.

dentist marketing

Be sure to include what the prize is for winning the competition or raffle to build the urgency for the patient to make an appointment that month.

Contests can be something simple such as guessing how many jellybeans are in the jar and the closest guess wins.

Be sure to post winning patients collecting their prize.

This is to further build engagement by giving them something to share from your office with their friends and family.

3. Featured Patient/Team Member of the Month

Another quick content idea to boost engagement is to have a featured patient or featured team member of the month segment on your social media channels.

This, much like running a challenge, is a great way for people to share your dental office with their friends and family.

Of course, you’ll need a patient’s permission beforehand.

dentist marketing

But you can post a picture of the patient, taken in your office, with a big smile on their face.

Then you can share a little bit of information about them like how long they’ve been coming to your office and a few sentences on why they love your services!

This will also make people feel more comfortable coming to the dentist because they won’t feel like they’re being sold to.

And that’s because the patients are speaking on behalf of your business instead of your business telling your audience why they should choose you.

Of course, your office is sharing the content.

But, the reasons why people like coming to your office are provided solely by patients, which will make it seem more genuine and authentic.

By sharing a team member of the month, you can provide your audience with an opportunity to meet your team.

And to also get to know a little more about their dental background.

By providing personalized content to your audience, they will trust your brand more.

4. Live Video

Live video is a relatively new feature for social media platforms and is one that should be used by your dental practice.

Why you might ask?

Well, a recent study shows that 82% of people prefer live video from a brand over social media posts.

So what does this mean for your dental practice?

It means if you’re not already “going live” on social media, you could be missing out on:

  • increased engagement and follower retention, and
  • falling behind your competition

Since live video is preferred to general social media posts, you may consider swapping out certain types of content for live video.

ig live updates

For example, if your office posts a lot of frequently asked questions on social media and answers them…

…you can have a dentist at your office go live once a week on a social platform of your choosing, and do a Q&A.

For instance, you can try doing this Q&A on Facebook or Instagram. And this will do a couple of things for your practice.

It will help your audience get familiar with the dentist at your practice.

dentist marketing

This will help build trust and credibility for the dentist or your team of dentists that work at your office.

This level of comfort and trust with a dentist is what will encourage those suffering from dental anxiety to keep their appointment with you and show up.

It will also build customer engagement because people can have their dental questions answered by a medical professional in real-time.

A Q&A is not the only thing your dental office can use live streams for though.

80% of people say that they would rather watch a live stream from a brand than read a blog.

As marketing experts, we know how important blog posts can be for your SEO, and we’re not by any means saying to get rid of them all together.

However, you might find it effective to use some of your blog ideas as live stream videos to test how that works for your dental practice.

5. Create Content That Provides Value

It is essential that all content you produce for any social network is designed with your patients in mind.

More importantly, though, the content needs to provide value to both current and potential patients so that they are all engaged with your brand.

How often do you scroll through social media and scroll past hundreds of posts without even reading or looking at them?

With great content marketing, your posts will stand out from the crowd which will lead to more engagement.

So how do you create content that is both engaging and makes potential patients feel comfortable with your dental practice?

Depending on the services your practice offers, this might look different from one dental office to the next.

However, content such as posts on:

  • how to properly brush your teeth,
  • how to clean your retainers,

…and anything else that viewers will find helpful and informative is a good place to start.

As we previously mentioned, for those that struggle with dental anxiety, their oral hygiene might not be where it needs to be.

By providing a free and easy way for them to get much-needed information on how to take care of their teeth…

…they will not only be able to help themselves but they will also begin to trust your practice.

This trust is what will lead to new patients and more appointments for your dental practice!

A great way to come up with content ideas is to picture your ideal patient.

What services are they interested in?

What do they look for in a dental practice?

What will make them comfortable choosing your practice over competitors?

And how can you show them that your practice has everything that they need?

By answering these questions, you’ll begin to come up with ideas that put your patient first which will help you create content that they actually want to see.

So those are the 5 dentist marketing content ideas that will make your patients smile.

Let’s do a quick recap of today’s post.

Quick Recap On Dentist Marketing Content Ideas

We started by defining what content marketing is which is a method in which you create, publish and distribute content for a targeted audience.

We then went over 5 dentist marketing ideas you can use to increase engagement, while also helping those that struggle with dental anxiety feel comfortable with scheduling an appointment at your dental practice.

Those 5 dentist marketing methods were:

  1. Create an office tour video
  2. Run challenges & contests on your social media pages
  3. Have a featured patient or featured team member of the month
  4. Use live video to engage with your audience in real-time
  5. Create content that provides value

By using these dentist marketing tips, your dental practice is sure to see an increase in engagement and new patients.

But, if you want more results, and want it fast, we offer dental marketing services here at LYFE. Simply contact us today to get started!

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