5 Creative Ways to Use Multimedia to Engage More Twitter Followers

  • August 21, 2019
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Want To Get More Twitter Followers? Here’s How!

Social media represents the epicenter of modern marketing, but that’s old news already.

Today, marketers are digging deeper and deeper into social network analysis to create a more effective tactic to approach target customers.

The reason is simple – you can’t attract more Twitter followers using obsolete marketing models.

Twitter is one of the fastest-changing communication channels in that respect.

This network is full of leads with huge sales potential, but you have to stay up to date with marketing trends to capitalize on such potential.

In this article, we will show you the top 5 multimedia tactics to engage more Twitter followers.

Why Twitter?

A lot of brands consider Twitter the most important channel for social media marketing.

Numerous studies reveal its influence, so we decided to present you a few stats to prove this point:

  • Statista reports Twitter has 330 million monthly active users.
  • And users send 5.500 million tweets on a daily basis, which makes 8,150 posts every second.
  • Hootsuite says that 90% of people who follow small and medium-sized businesses on Twitter plan to purchase from that same company.
  • Around 80% of Twitter usage comes from mobile devices.
  • 30% of Americans who earn $75k or more use Twitter.

Twitter monthly active users

There is even more data that reveals the importance of Twitter in contemporary marketing, although that’s enough to give you the first impression.

Keep reading and learn how to get more Twitter followers by using multimedia content. 

5 Ways To Utilize Multimedia Content For More Twitter Followers

The basic principle of Twitter communication is rather simple: you get 280 characters to express an idea or share interesting news.

However, this type of laconic communication is not able to earn you enough followers anymore.

You have to go way beyond 280-character tweets in order to maximize the network’s potential.

Here are 5 multimedia tactics you should exploit to achieve your goal.

  1. Add images
  2. Audio podcasts
  3. Videos are mandatory.
  4. Add a Twitter share button to your blog.
  5. Mind the content quality.

1. Add images

According to research done by Louise’s Visual Social Media, tweets with photos receive 150% more re-tweets than Twitter posts without images.

Therefore, you need to keep your Twitter activities image-rich in order to make them more appealing and attractive to an average consumer.

Photos don’t only “speak a thousand words” but also serve to introduce followers to real-time incentives.

For instance, you could use images to announce the current discount promotion or launch a contest with awards for the most creative followers.

The example below shows how even promoted posts with images receive more engagement than promoted posts without images.

more Twitter followers

Besides that, images can drive a substantial amount of traffic to your landing page, thus increasing the number of leads and subscribers as well.

You don’t need a lot of text along with photos, but you do need good hashtags to follow the visual content.

Another interesting option to gain more Twitter followers is to design infographics.

Scripted reports that searches for infographics have increased by over 800% in just two years, suggesting that it has a huge potential on Twitter as well.

Such multimedia content is relatively easy to create, but it is packed with all sorts of useful data.

Just keep it relevant to the target audience and you’ll get yourself more Twitter followers than before.

2. Audio podcasts

You might have heard that “video killed the radio star”.

Audio shows really did look like a disappearing kind of content a few years ago, but things changed with the rise of the Internet.

Today, more than 40% of people in the US listen to podcasts according to Convince and Convert.

It’s a perfect option for millions of commuters and office workers who can listen to the audio content in the background.

The best thing about it is that you can publish podcasts on Twitter.

You just need a solid piece of equipment and a good niche-related topic to create this kind of multimedia content.

audio podcasts

Regarding equipment, you should buy a microphone, computer with a sound card, and digital audio recorder.

Besides that, you also need audio editing software (which you can find online for free).

Try to record several episodes before you start posting on Twitter because your audience wants to listen to podcasts on a regular basis.

Don’t forget that podcasts resemble a real discussion, so you don’t need a strict plan.

All you need is an interesting topic and one or two industry experts, and the conversation will take a natural flow easily.

3. Videos are mandatory

Twitter users don’t like reading too much, hence the 280-character limit.

They want to focus only on the topic essentials, so there is no better way to give them what they want and gain more Twitter followers than posting a short video.

In fact, this type of content is 6 times more likely to get shared by users compared to the usual text type of tweet.

These are the three basic reasons to create video content:

  • Product tutorials

HubSpot reports that 4x as many consumers would prefer to watch a video about a product than to read about it.

Tutorials are the easiest way to explain item specifications and promote your business.

  • Entertain

People don’t want you to tweet 100% promotional content all the time.

As the matter of fact, they mostly demand entertainment and your job is to give it in the form of video clips.

  • Tell a story

Storytelling video is a convenient tactic to get Twitter followers acquainted with the values that your brand or organization represents.

more Twitter followers

Just like podcasts, video content also requires good equipment, but you must dedicate more time to writing a screenplay.

If you go live, you can improvise a little but still stay amusing or offer breaking news.

But if you tweet pre-recorded video, you have to keep it highly professional and quality.

Fortunately, the video offers you a bunch of forms to entertain the existing followers and attract new ones.

You can shoot video podcasts, vlogs, go live or behind the scenes of your company, etc.

It doesn’t matter if your video is for educational or informational purposes, including these media on your tweets is a surefire way to reel in new followers.

And in case you don’t have time or knowledge of how to do it, hire a team of professionals to do it for you and you’ll notice the follower count is increasing.

4. Add a Twitter share button to your blog

As much as audio and video content is flooding the Internet in the last few years, there are still thousands of users who prefer reading a good blog post.

In case you combine text with other types of content, your blog will bring you many new followers.

For instance, an Impact study revealed that blog articles with images get 94% more views.

You should make use of this fact and write high-quality posts supported by photos, infographics, or YouTube videos.

Adding a Twitter button to the posts allows readers to share your content with an online community, increasing the overall brand awareness.

social media optimization buttons

Since the vast majority of websites are powered by WordPress, we recommend you download the Social Share Buttons plugin.

It’s a tool that enables you to add the Twitter button to your blog without bothering with programming and code changes.

See above for an example or just look at the top and bottom of this blog post.


5. Mind the content quality

The last tip we have for gaining more Twitter followers is logical but crucial, so we have to give it more room here.

You have to pay attention to content quality, which means you have to proofread everything to make sure your copy is perfect.

Clever marketers know that it’s best to let professionals and online assistants help you in that respect, so we present you several solutions:

The agency offers content marketing services that will drive more customers to your website from your main competitors.

It will also increase your conversion rate in record time.

Expert writers and editors at Superior Papers can not only proofread your content but also create it for you in case you run out of ideas or don’t want to do it yourself.

  • Hemingway App

This tool removes errors from your text, but its primary purpose is to detect complex phrases and densely-packed sentences and suggest replacements.

  • Grammarly

Grammarly is the most popular proofreading app. The basic version is free of charge and it will help you to find and eliminate all mistakes.

free digital marketing tools

If you feel like improving your style of writing, pay for the premium version and you’ll be able to come up with much better content.

Bonus tip: Based on research, 50% of unfollows occur when an account publishes too many tweets within a short time span.

No matter how interesting your tweets may be for you, if you flood your followers’ timelines, then they will definitely hit that “unfollow” button.


Twitter is one of the largest and most productive social media networks marketing-wise.

Most companies use it to grow the number of followers and generate valuable leads for their brands.

However, you can’t do it only by posting 280-character tweets.

In this article, we showed you the top 5 multimedia tactics to engage more Twitter followers.

Bear our suggestions in mind and exploit them to boost your marketing campaign. The new model will pay off soon.

Contact us if you have any questions about how our services as a social media marketing agency can help your social media campaign.

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